F007A57E-B50A-443C-B1E0-9FC11DD194B7When you were growing up , it was a sinful treat to get a smoothie on a hot summer day . Who would have thought , smoothies are now the best way to stay healthy and loose weight !!

There are so many types of smoothies you can  make and choose, if you stop by a smoothie bar.  There are fruit smoothies , fruit and veggie smoothies , meal replacement smoothies and protein smoothies.


You do have to watch your smoothie intake if you are counting calories. Meal replacement and protein smoothies can pack in a lot of calories , when you get them from a smoothie bar.

Smoothies help with body cleansing , detox  and loosing weight.

Here is my 10 Day Smoothie experience

I detox 24-48 hours before I start my smoothie challenge. I drink 2 jugs of water infused with slices of cucumber , lemon ,lime , mint leaves , grapefruit , and a light meal . Most important, I take vitamins the whole time. You don’t want to loose any nutrients the body needs. This avoids being nauseous and fatigued.


The Formula :

Breakfast : Smoothie

Lunch : Smoothie

Dinner: Light meal ( lean meat and a Veggie ) eat before 7p or 8p

Snack : Smoothie

1 hour walk or work out

I use a frozen fruit mix , fresh banana, spinach and yogurt for my smoothies . This bag was purchased at Walmart.


The Mix : Use a powerful blender that has the smoothie option .

Use the frozen fruit , purified water , banana ,spinach , or any type of fruit you like . To make your smoothie have a sweet taste , you can use dates , prunes & nectors.


Eat light meals . Here is a few I had. Vegan Tacos ( made with seasoned cauliflower  & Sered Salmon on a Salad. Mix of Lima beans , corn & okra . Baked chicken & broccoli. Follow @senelebody & @soayyasnotachef on IG for meal ideas )


I took Kick Boxing Classes


I got a membership to Golds Gym


End result . I cleansed , had more energy, &  lost 5lbs YAY!

Hope this helps, & stay tuned for the next challenge!