img_0272New Year..Same You?

So it’s 2017..365 days to get it right, get it started, get it done or get it over with, right?

The last few months of the year, we are trying to figure out what we need to do to get us into the new year. Pump ourselves up that the new year will be better than the last!!  You know , ‘NEXT YEAR IS MY YEAR’!! ” I’M CLAIMING IT THIS YEAR” !! It’s all good the first few months, for some the first few days , then  that NEW YEAR NEW ME is out the window. You know it is true.

But WHY is that? Why can most of us can KEEP that momentum and most of us LOOSE it? It’s our mindset. Our way of thinking. Allowing fear, doubt , and outside negativity to take control of our thoughts, and block our blessing..missing our purpose.

We have been given a divine purpose here on earth. Some of us haven’t even tapped into what that purpose is . We are so unsure of ourselves, second guessing the possibilities , psyching out our own selves. We use EVERY excuse on why we can’t do something , instead of using all the reasons why we CAN.

No matter WHAT our situation may be , ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! We have to want it , need it , believe it and achieve it .

Get out of debt, clear up bad credit , get out of a bad relationship, cut off meaningless friendships ( change your circle), be around people who are where you WANT to be , find your peace of mind, and  your happiness .  GET A PASSPORT AND TRAVEL. It is sooo therapeutic. I took my own advice lol .

Bottom line , we have to CHANGE the way we think and do things, to get a different result. Some of us get too comfortable in current situations, & feel that that’s all there is to life….Work, pay bills & die..Sorry but that is NOT living . If that’s what you were doing in 2016, and in 2018, you see you had the same situations in 2017.. then it was a NEW YEAR..SAME YOU.

I am  excited to see what the NEW ME brings to the NEW YEAR, are you?