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The fitness experts over at Fitness Magazine sat down with fitness editor and exercise physiologist, Nicole Dorsey-Straff, to discuss ways to keep her abs tight and flat and the cellulite off after having children. Sounds perfect for us over at Sensual Elegance Body, right? Let’s get to it!

  1. Choose Variety Over Reps Instead of doing 100 crunches everyday, try switching things up by alternating your workouts. You can start off with 15-20 crunches and then move on to squats. Or leg lifts.
  2. Forget the “Upper vs Lower Abs” Idea Don’t focus so much on one area! Just because you’re feeling the burn in one section doesn’t mean the other one isn’t being engaged. Where you feel it depends on the move’s anchor point. For overall toning, try a mix of ab-sculpting moves that vary positions.
  3. Engage Your Pelvic Floor In order to target your abs more effectively you need to strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles. Actively engage them by gently pulling your belly button toward your back. Place one hand on your abdomen–if you feel your stomach pushing out while you do sit-ups, you’re pushing the pelvis down rather than pulling the muscles up and in, cheating yourself of a full workout. Keep your muscles contracted when working on your abs. Strong pelvic-floor muscles also help tone your abs post pregnancy.
  4. Work Your Abs, Not Your Neck Don’t put too much pressure on your neck during ab exercises! Use your core to pull you up–not your neck. Quick tip: to stop your neck muscles from tensing, place your tongue firmly on the roof of your mouth as you crunch.
  5. Fight Flab with Cardio Can’t tighten your abs without removing that excess fat first! Don’t forget to toss in some cardio workouts too to burn body fat as you tighten and tone.
  6. Make Abs Your Transition Workout Start off with about 45 minutes of engaging cardio then squeeze in some ab exercises before moving on to your next target area.
  7. Know When to Rest If your abs are sore the next day, that’s your body’s way of telling you to slow down. Try working on our abs every 2 days instead of daily. If you overwork them, you won’t see too much progress. Moderation is key!