Overall health and fitness is the ultimate goal but I can’t help but want a flat stomach along with it. And I know I’m not alone! There’s plenty of things you can do to achieve that lean 6-pack you’ve been dreaming of–but eating right seems to be one of the most important. Here’s a list of a few foods to avoid for a flat stomach:

Soda It’s best to avoid carbonated beverages for a number of reasons. Soda fills the stomach with air so it causes bloating and discomfort. It also contains a ton of sugar that won’t do your waist line (or your teeth) any favors in the long run. Opt for healthier beverages like green tea or water.

Refined Carbs Keep away from white rice and white flours as they digest very quickly causing spikes in insulin and blood sugar levels which can promote increased fat storage in the abdominal region.

Sodium Be sure to keep your sodium intake low as eating foods high in sodium can lead to fluid retention. Which, in turn, cause the stomach to bloat and look puffier.

Fast Food This one is obvious but deserves a spot on the list! Fast food meals can contain more than a single day’s worth of calories in one serving. Everything is high in fat and usually low in nutrition.

Alcohol Now I’m not telling you to quit drinking cold turkey! A glass of wine is good every now and then. But overindulging in alcohol can add a few inches to your waist. Like fast food, alcohol is high in calories with little nutritional benefit.

Potatoes Many people aren’t aware but potatoes are loaded with empty calories. According to nutritionist Walter Willet, eating a baked potato has nearly the identical effect on the body as eating a tablespoon of pure sugar.