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Meet Neffeteria Pugh. She’s the sister of R&B sensation, Keyshia Cole, and Reality TV star from the hit shows: Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, Frankie & Neffe and All In currently airing on BET. Neffeteria is a local icon in Atlanta so it’s only right that she teamed up with Sensual Elegance Body for her weight loss journey!


During her journey, Neffeteria used two of our most popular products: the Latex Hourglass Waist Trainer and Latex Hourglass Vest. Both products are designed with a latex exterior and cotton interior with 2 row hooks to assist with adjustments as you shed inches. They also have a very strong compression so it’s recommend to only wear them for up to 8-10 hours a day.

Simply slip on your waist trainer or vest, drink plenty of water and hit the gym or run errands as you usually would. Both products are designed to help sweat out toxins while snatching your waist into shape. Expect results within 30 days!