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Is Beyonce beating through your head right now? Good. You’re gonna need that energy! The new year is here and it’s time to finally achieve that Sensual Elegance Body you’ve been dreaming of. No more excuses. It’s time to get bodied and start waist training!

What is waist training?

Waist training is the gradual process of reducing your waist with a cinching corset. It’s an age old practice that dates back to Victorian times and is still widely practiced today. The reason waist training has remained so popular is because is easy and effective!

How does it work?

After purchasing a waist cincher, you slip it on, exercise and maintain a healthy diet. It’s that simple! The Sensual Elegance Body waist trainers are made of a unique latex material that attacks unwanted fat and impurities in the body. As you eat clean and exercise, the waist trainer goes the extra mile to give you that sexy silhouette and permanently get rid of unwanted inches around your waist. It also helps strengthen your core and improve your posture!

Myths & Misconceptions

Waist cinching is uncomfortable and dangerous.

In the Victorian times this was true. Corsets were made of steel bones that caused major damage to internal organs. However, waist training is completely safe and comfortable today. SEB offers high quality waist cinchers made of latex that are comfortable enough to sleep and work out in.

Waist cinchers are bulky and hard to hide.

Not at all! SEB waist cinchers are very slimming and easy to hide. That’s what it’s made for!

Waist cinchers aren’t effective.

Waist training is very effective when attacked from all angles! However, if you half step it, you’re going to see half-assed results. Simply wearing a waist cincher 24/7 isn’t going to cut it. You have to change your diet and start exercising! Waist training is a complete process. But it’s all worth it! You just have to stick to a healthy routine to maximize your results. Not too hard, right?